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Mentoring – FMT

Turn the dream into reality!

Do you dream of starting your own fashion business? But you just don’t know where to start. You have great ideas and designs but recognise that you need some guidance to increase your chances of success.

Have you started a fashion brand but you’re struggling to reach your goals? somedays you feel like you’re working against the grain and just not getting anywhere. Maybe you’re lacking confidence in a certain area of your business that just seems to be stopping you from moving forward. 

How can I help you?

I can help you create and grow a thriving fashion business so you can become wildly successful and live a life you love. After having completed a mentoring course it is safe to say that you will be feeling a lot happier, more confident, have a clear plan ahead of you, and honestly, feel relieved and self-assured about the future of your business. After our strategy and time planning sessions, your days will no longer feel like a muddle with lists of endless tasks, your days will be successful with clear, objectives and priorities, all of which are totally achievable. Each and every day will be a success which will accelerate your business and life beyond your wildest dreams.

Rather than offering a generic mentoring course, our mentoring courses are individually created for each of our clients! We offer a bespoke mentoring service, so we can help you with what you need help with. We will create an individual plan after our initial discovery call. We are also willing to be flexible and pivot direction if other issues come up for you along the way. 

What is mentoring?

It can be really exciting to start your entrepreneurial journey as well as nerve-wracking for many reasons. It’s a great feeling to create something by yourself, something that you can be really proud of but being an entrepreneur can be a lonely business. There are times when you need guidance or advice and just have no one to turn to. While you have a great idea you might not know how to turn that idea into a viable product or sustainable business. A mentor is there to help you, offer you impartial advice whilst still having your best interests at heart. I think of mentoring as a mix of both personal and professional development. As an entrepreneur, it can be hard to separate your personal life to your professional life, and often there is actually no reason to, especially if you are creating a job for yourself that you love, but it is important to create strategies to enable balance and a healthy flow to all that you do. 

Key benefits

  • Gain motivation and confidence
  • Help to stimulate personal and professional growth
  • Increase your chances of success
  • Get support during challenging times
  • Get advice from an expert
  • Grow your entrepreneurial skillset
  • Have accountability
  • Voice your concerns in confidence
  • Receive inside industry recommendations and networking opportunities
  • Set goals and stick to them
  • Get subjective feedback on design selection and ideas
  • Get help with balancing your personal and business life
  • Set up marketing/business strategies and plans that will accelerate your business and life

How will a discovery call help?

In a discovery call I will introduce myself and let you know the ways in which I can help you, I will find out a bit about you and your business ideas, what stage you are at and what struggles you are currently facing. I will offer some advice and we will see how we get on. You really have nothing to lose as the discovery call is completely free. What are you waiting for? Book your discovery call now and let’s see if we match. 

Mentoring calls are done over the internet and last around 45 mins, after each session you will receive an email from me, giving you feedback, passing on any links or recommendations, giving you resources you might need and reconfirming the goals and tasks that you need to achieve that week. In between our sessions, you can email me for support or advice and I will check up to see how you are doing and help to motivate and encourage you. I will need you to commit to a mentoring session every week, the same time preferable. My mentoring courses run for a minimum of 2 months, I do this because this is the time frame in which we see a considerable amount of growth. 

Build the fashion business of your dreams, without feeling alone and having nowhere to turn for answers. I will support you with expert knowledge every step of the way and help you build a sustainable and successful business.

Plus you will receive Email support in-between sessions, Free resources Recommendations and networking opportunities Substantial discounts off my other services

Why choose me as your mentor? 

I have been living the entrepreneurial life for 15 years, since I was 20 when I started my first business which was selling jewellery on eBay and home parties, this was before  Shopify even existed! It went on to be a successful business with a pivot into the bridal sector and I exited the business in 2007. I went on to follow many of my other passions which included being a hair and makeup artist in which I learned a lot about how to market myself and an interior designer. I studied Neuro-linguistic programming and hypnotherapy and started practising as a life coach in 2010, many of the skills and tools I learned through this I still use within my mentoring today and find them to really help my clients development. After this I went back to university and studied a BA in fashion communication, this is when I really found what I wanted to do. Since completing the course I once again chose to work for myself, this has always fitted in around me and my family and I enjoy the freedom and creativity that it gives me. I continue to help fashion startups alongside my own constant professional development, I’m a lifelong learner and I spend much of my spare time reading and improving my entrepreneurial skill set. On top of this, I would like to say that I’m easy to talk to, I’m massively passionate about bringing out the best in people, I believe that no question can be a stupid one, that we learn by our mistakes and that we are all doing our best in our given circumstances. 

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