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About – FMT


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We have a simple mission…….

To help fashion businesses succeed by offering marketing and mentoring services, giving invaluable knowledge and insight through our blog, and saving you time and money with our resources. 

What we do……

Fashion Marketing Thread is a collective, platform and agency. We offer creative direction, consultancy and marketing for fashion and beauty brand startups.

We help fashion and beauty brands increase revenue through marketing.


Through our blog and newsletter


work personally with your brand and take it to new heights


Save our clients time and money with our resources

Who we are…..

Fashion Marketing Thread is founded by Kerrie Reeves a fashion communication graduate with an entrepreneurial background and a dedication to working with startups. We also work with a team of professional digital designers and fashion graduates who are ahead of the game within fashion marketing, research, social media and content creation.

What we offer……

We offer a range of services that will help to grow your brand from social media strategy and content creation to producing a full marketing plan for your business.

PLUS + Our resources that make your life easier, save you time and money such as market report templates and social media strategy plans all specially formulated for fashion & beauty brands.


Why we do, what we do……

We love working in fashion! We research and create content because we understand that fashion marketing is an extremely fast-paced environment, therefore, we see it as crucial in keeping our insight up to date and relevant to the Industry. 

We generously share our expertise because we understand firsthand how current fashion marketing knowledge is hard to come by in one place. We can recommend some great fashion marketing books that we use for their traditional methods as the core to many of our projects however, some methods, especially within digital marketing, can go out of date faster than the shape of last seasons clutch.

We offer time and money-saving products to startups because we understand that it’s hard todo everything by yourself, you might be starting to figure out that there is an immense amount of work to starting a fashion or beauty brand and hopefully you have found us just in time so we can help to take the stress out of your work load and give you the skills and products that you need to market your fashion business or you can pass your projects into the hands of our expertise and work with us.