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Mentoring and Marketing for your Fashion Business

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For Fashion ….

  • Entreprenuers

  • Startups

  • Designers

  • Established Brands

  • Marketers

  • Students

Just some of our services…

£100 – £600
£150 -£350

Mentoring helping your fashion business succeed

Turn the dream into reality!

Do you dream of starting your own fashion business? But you just don’t know where to start. You have great ideas and designs but recognise that you need some guidance to increase your chances of success.

Have you started a fashion brand but you’re struggling to reach your goals? somedays you feel like you’re working against the grain and just not getting anywhere. Maybe you’re lacking confidence in a certain area of your business that just seems to be stopping you from moving forward. 

“Traditional marketing is based on need. In fashion, there is often no need but desire.
Fashion marketing is reflective upon seducing your consumer”

How will a discovery call help?

In a discovery call I will introduce myself and let you know the ways in which I can help you, I will find out a bit about you and your business ideas, what stage you are at and what struggles you are currently facing. I will offer some advice and we will see how we get on. You really have nothing to lose as the discovery call is completely free. What are you waiting for? Book your discovery call now and let’s see if we match. 

Mentoring calls are done over the internet and last around 45 mins, after each session you will receive an email from me, giving you feedback, passing on any links or recommendations, giving you resources you might need and reconfirming the goals and tasks that you need to achieve that week. In between our sessions, you can email me for support or advice and I will check up to see how you are doing and help to motivate and encourage you. I will need you to commit to a mentoring session every week, the same time preferable. My mentoring courses run for a minimum of 2 months, I do this because this is the time frame in which we see a considerable amount of growth. 

Our latest blog posts!

Let us help you build your brand

Whilst fashion clearly includes apparel, accessories and footwear the concept of fashion extends much further than this, right down to what sleeve you currently have on your mac book, what shade of grey you have painted your lounge and even down to what superfood you sprinkled on your cereal this morning. We are clear of this and how one trend can identify and link to another. Keeping a consistent eye on trend forecasting allows us to be ahead of the game. Although we will mainly concentrate on apparel and beauty marketing within the blog we also work with lifestyle brands. 

The fashion consumer is savvier than ever, with an expectation of instant gratification, world shipping and competitive pricing at their fingertips. Influencer marketing is thriving within the fashion industry so there is no doubt about it that fashion marketing needs to be creative, original and inventive.

As Fashion marketers, our goal is to ultimately create brands with customer loyalty. We do this by identifying a customer and their needs and building a brand with value. This process can span from market research to content strategy.